NPC Daily Fact Check: Is Michelle Obama a racist?

CLAIM: Michelle Obama is racist.

A recent opinion piece from The Washington Times suggested without evidence that former first lady Michelle Obama might actually be “racist” simply because she judges people by the color of their skin:

“What Mrs. Obama doesn’t seem to grasp is that you cannot lump everyone of the same skin color or ethnicity into one category.”

• unapproved journalist Tim Constantine

FALSE. As any good intersectionalist will tell you, racism = prejudice + (white) power. While Michelle Obama may indeed be prejudiced against white people — and rightly so — she is fundamentally incapable of being racist because she lacks white power.

To call Michelle Obama “racist” is to verbally assault the entire Womxyzn of Color Community. This is practically an act of domestic terrorism, and we are calling upon Adam Schiff to launch an infinite investigation into The Washington Times and give Tim Constantine the John Solomon Treatment.

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