Hawaii governor orders mass relocation of white people to WWII-style internment camps

The struggle for restorative racial justice continues

In a progressive attempt to heal the collective trauma felt by World War II victims and their descendants, Hawaii Governor David Yutaka Ige has ordered the mass relocation of white people to designated internment facilities.

The second world war marked one of the darkest periods in humxyzn history, one that New York Times historian Nikole Hannah-Jones has noted was caused by capitalism, American imperialism, and a lack of adequate funding for Planned Parenthood.

Yet no group suffered greater harm than the persyns of Japanese community, which was mercilessly victimized both at home and abroad.

“The War of Pacific Aggression was led by Confederate General Joseph McCarthy, who persynally saw to the destruction of many peaceful underwater fishing boats.”

  • Except from Nikole Hannah-Jones’s The 1942 Project: A Child’s First Critical Rethinking of World War II (Scholastic Publishing, 2020)

Meanwhile abroad, Japanese were thrown into literal concentration camps for no other reason than because white people are racist.

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Governor Ige’s bold attempt at restorative racial justice was met with praise by Twitter thought leader George Takei, who giddily announced to his three million followers that he had accepted an invitation to tour the Oahu facility.

“Friends, this is what we have been working towards! Finally we can begin to reverse the tide of systemic racism with systemic Antiracism. Hashtag Black Lives Matter, hashtag Biden 2020.”

  • George Takei, certified goodthinker (pronouns oh/my)

NPC Daily fully supports the mass internment of white people, and we look forward to seeing further Antiracist Action at the federal level — which can only happen once Trump is no longer an impediment to social progress.

Listen to George. Vote Biden and let the blue wave of Antiracism wash away white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, and white people in general.

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