Netflix’s “Cuties” (2020) is an awe inspiring film that demonstrates the victory of the LGBTQ movement

It's time to admit that Netflix's "Cuties" (2020) is actually a woke movie and if you don't like it, you're bigoted

We’ve made it, folks! We’ve won! The progressive liberal movement has achieved it victory with the release of Netflix’s “Cuties” movie. As we all know, Netflix is the spearhead of the woke liberal movement and is at the cutting edge of all adaptations of LGBTQ film remakes.

It’s simply inspiring that a masterpiece like “Cuties” (2020) could be produced despite the rampant anti-LGBTQ bigotry we see in our country’s administration and it’s constituents. It’s natural for men to be attracted to men just as it is for women to be attracted to women. It’s natural for people to desire open relationship and polygamy. The LGBTQ movement understands perfectly well that attraction to minors needs to be normalized, not shunned. Netflix does a wonderful job of portraying that to the audience.

In short, if you don’t like “Cuties” (2020), that means you’re a bigoted conservative who hates the LGBTQ movement and there’s no room for hatred like that in our country.

This is satire. Obviously “Cuties” 2020 is an atrocity of a movie. I, the writer of this article, felt a sense of disgust and shame even pretending to say something positive about this movie. Please don’t watch it. It’s sick.


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