Joe Biden humiliated Trump by playing “Despacito” from his phone to a Hispanic audience in Florida

Joe Biden wins the hearts and minds of the Hispanic community

Few can truly grasp the genius behind the thoughts and actions of Joe Biden but if you are Hispanic, you no doubt had your heart and mind changed by the stunning bravery of Biden’s latest power move. In a confident play on Hispanic Heritage Month, Joe Biden boldly played “Despacito” from his phone to his Hispanic audience, proudly showing his support for such a diverse group of people.

Trump would have never done this for a plethora of reasons. First off, Trump hates Hispanics (obviously) so he would never be caught dead playing or listening to Hispanic music. Secondly, Trump has ZERO Hispanic supporters. Who would he play the song to?

Joe Biden may have secured the presidency with this act alone. Many Hispanics nationwide were rallied to vote for the soon-to-be greatest president America has ever seen.

I’m hispanic and I was on the fence about Joe Biden but after he played Despacito from his phone into his podium microphone, I just knew he got me. I’m sold. I’m voting for Biden 2020 now.

  • Alejandro Esposito-Gonzales Alvarez 

As if we didn’t know who to vote for before, now we do.Joe Biden proves that he understands the Latinx and Hispanic people since all they need is to hear a song that they like, and they’re on board.

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