Tim Pool apprehended by law enforcement after livestreaming without a mask

Timcast compound raided, beanie man in custody

Far-right YouTuber Tim Pool was taken into custody early this morning after an anonymous online complainant reported him for livestreaming without a mask.

Police descended upon the Timcast IRL compound at approximately 3 a.m., executing one of Governor Phil Murphy’s latest police reforms — the no-warrant knock.

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While early reports erroneously claimed that a hostage situation was underway, a persyn of spokes for the South Jersey Police has since clarified that the presence of a hostage negotiator among the SWAT team was simply a precautionary measure — just in case Pool had refused to put on a mask for the arresting officers.

Officers on the scene told NPC Daily that the arrest was made without incident and with relatively little property damage, describing the femxle occupant of the compound as “cheerful and welcoming”.

One SWAT team member said Pool had appeared more bewildered than anything — having awoken to the sound of an officer kicking down his bedroom door.

“No, he wasn’t wearing underwear. Yes, he was wearing the beanie.”

Pool faces a plethora of charges including contempt of governor, resisting arrest, corrupting the youth, and impiety against Black Lives Matter.

While it remains unclear who utilized Governor Murphy’s online COVID Snitch Form to report Pool’s dangerous, far-right behavior, some believe it odd that the femxle occupant of the compound — one Lydia Evans — has not been similarly charged despite appearing maskless on the livestream herself.

Sergeant Dan Harrelson pauses halfway through Pool’s beating to pose for a selfie with “cheerful and welcoming” Lydia Evans.

An attorney for Mx. Evans has indicated that his client is “extremely eager” to cooperate with the district attorney’s office and invited us to watch her new show — Lydiacast — at YouTube.com/TimcastIRL.

Tina Pool

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