Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy is the reason he contracted COVID-19

Simply put, had Trump denounced white supremacy and supported BLM, he would not have contracted COVID

As we know, Trump refused to condemn white supremacy and racism. He certainly hasn’t condemned bigotry every time he was asked and we are in no way refusing to acknowledge something that so clearly didn’t happen. In fact, we stand firm on the fact that Trump promotes white supremacy.

That being said, his refusal ton condemn white supremacy and bigotry in all of its ugly forms means one thing – this was the only reason he contracted COVID-19. There is only one way that COVID-19 skips over individuals and that is if they denounce white supremacy and embrace Black Lives Matter just like so many of the BLM protesters in America have done.

Black Lives Matter protests, no matter their size, do not spread COVID-19. That’s a fact. Why? Because the cure for COVID is, at its core, anti-racism. Trump is the opposite of that. Since Trump promotes racism, does not promote the good word of Black Lives Matter and refuses to condemn white supremacy every time he’s asked yet so he got what was coming to him.

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