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Mexican Woman Physically Assaulted By A Trump Supporter – Police Did Nothing

Racism is alive and well in America now that Donald Trump is president. 100 days in and the hate crimes in this country are literally at an all time high rivaling that of the 30s and 40s. A first hand report from Guadalupe Gutierrez from South Arbon, California, states how she was brutally assaulted by a Trump supporter in front of a police officer, who did nothing but watch it happen.

Here’s the story. Gutierrez was on her way to work when she saw a man, possibly late 50s, selling Trump stickers and Trump pins on the corner. Naturally, of course, she rolled her eyes at him because obviously Trump is racist and everyone know that – and anyone who supports Trump is equally racist. However, the man immediately threw down his Trump pins and stickers, kicked over his vendor table and tackledĀ Gutierrez. The man proceeded to punch her in the face repeatedly until her eyes were black and her nose was broken and bloody! He as he punched her repeatedly in the face, he kept yelling “F#@% you! Go back where you came from F#@%ing wetback!” And then he slapped her bloodied face multiple times with the back of a Trump hat.

I thought I was safe in California but I guess not. There was a white male police officer standing nearby, just watching it happen. I think he even laughed while my face was being beaten and pounded into the ground. All of this because I rolled my eyes at a Trump supporter. It was the most himiliating moment of my life.

– GuadalupeĀ Gutierrez, 22

Minorities are no longer safe in this country as long as Donald Trump is president. We can only hope that he gets impeached for his hateful rhetoric. Only then will Hillary become the rightful president that our country deserves.

Gutierrez claims to not be sad, but to be angry and frustrated at the fact that this is allowed to happen. The man who beat her received no fine, no penalty, no warning or no punishment of any sort. The police officer who allowed it to happen is exactly the kind of enabling behavior that is keeping racism alive in this America.

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