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Biden ENDED Trump in Last Night’s Debate, Trump ADMITTED Ending the Paris Accord, Drumph is Finished

Trump threatens freedom, Biden promises security

The experts are all in agreement — Tim Pool does not qualify as an expert in anything — Joe Biden CRUSHED Trump in last night’s third and final debate. While the current White House occupant sought to peddle (in the words of legendary journalist George Stephanopoulos) “unverified and misleading, false charges against Joe Biden and his son”, Biden stuck to kitchen table issues such as fear and that crippling sense of despondency we’ve all felt since day one of this corrupt administration.

Future president Biden was at his most coherent since the onset of the cognitive decline, demonstrating an acute awareness not only of his own name but also the office for which he is currently running.

The stateliness he espoused was that of a seasoned beltway veteran — a stark contrast to the fat orange slob with whom he shared the stage.

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Speaking directly to the American people, Biden drew upon our shared cult(ure) of victimhood and emotional instability to tell us what we should truly be terrified of.

In no particular order:

  1. COVID
  2. Vaccines
  3. Russia
  4. North Korea
  5. Russia
  6. Job Loss
  7. Health Care Reform
  8. Racism
  9. Empty Chairs (invites dark forces)
  10. Climate change

Given the recent loss of two-thirds of our population — and in light of the growing number of existential threats we face — is it any wonder Biden is leading in the polls?

Joe Biden understands that we will NEVER be safe so long as we are permitted to leave our homes, which is why he intentions to plagiarize a page from the Jacinda Ardern playbook and enforce a federal lockdown until nobody ever dies again.

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Unlike Donald Trump (who lacks the experience of a 47-year career politician), Joe Biden has what it takes to cut through the malarkey that is the United State Constitution and get the job done — and ultimately build back better.

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