“Trunalimunumaprzure” – Biden proven a very lexical genius

Webster’s gives nod to new term trunalimunumaprzure

There was some confusion for a couple of days. But Joe Biden supporters can now officially get the word out: that their candidate is not a gibbering demented fool, as alleged by the haters; instead he’s a very stable neologist.

Initially dismissed as a gaffe, the word “trunalimunumaprzure,” confidently enunciated by the Democratic presidential candidate during a speech last week, gained the official seal of approval Saturday as the Merriam-Webster organization hastily added it to their dictionary.

The move marks the second time this month that the dictionary authorities have acted on the lexical front to help progressives win their cosmic good-versus-evil battle over conservatives. Earlier, Merriam-Webster updated its entry on “sexual preference” to accord with Senator Mazie Hirono’s insistence that it was offensive, and to spite the problematic new justice Amy Coney-Barrett.

Biden’s neologism enters the dictionary with the definition “Something mobilized as part of an effective strategy to undo the egregious harm done by an orange-faced authoritarian hatemonger.” The move gives Biden supporters the last laugh after supporters of his opponent President Donald Trump for 2-3 days indulged in cruel mockery on social media over what they mistakenly deemed as incomprehensible maniacal drivel.

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