Trump treats Michael Jackson as his personal slave

The current impeached occupant of the White House opened his latest super spreader event in Georgia over the weekend with a song by Michael Jackson. Shamefully, COVID 19 and hatred weren’t the only things being spread by this corrupt administration, posthumous slavery was also on the agenda.

The late colored superstar’s hit song Billie Jean rang out to the crowd of white supremacists who seemed to be too uneducated to remember the singer’s skin color.

The Jackson estate has been swift to condemn the move by the one term President who also failed to disavow white supremacy while the song was playing, calling the blatantly illegal move cultural appropriation and theft of intellectual property.

“This is the last thing that Michael would have wanted” said a Jackson spokesperson who also confirmed that in line with the star’s final and most fervent wish his vote would be going to Biden.

Joe Biden also stated that he feels a real affinity with Jackson “if Mike was still around we would definitely be moving in the same circles”.

Aisha Victim

Raised in poverty and fear, this 36 year old refugee is now seeking to use the noble art of journalism to spread the message of peace and collectivism from zher religion and former homeland to racist white people. Happily married for 30 years, zhe quickly recognized that Islam and socialism are the only way to defeat authoritarians like Trump.
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