Nevada Representative Pushing For Mandatory $3 Raise For All Women

This is great news! As we all know, women are paid 77 cents to the dollar that every man is paid. Even though women tend to make different choices in life and choose lower paying jobs across the board, that does not mean they should be paid less.

Nevada Representative Loretta Wanamaker saw the problem and is pushing for a head on solution. She noticed that it’s simply not fair that men get paid so much because they hold higher paying position than women. Women deserve just as much, if not more! It’s 2017 and we still have to fight for equal or more pay.

I am proposing a flat rate raise of $3 for every part time to full time employed woman in America. Regardless of how much they’re being paid now, how long they’ve been working at their job or their experience. We feel that this will not only stimulate the economy, but bring us one step closer to the equality and fairness that this country strives to represent.

– Loretta Wanamaker, Nevada Representative

She couldn’t be more right! If this motion goes through, all employers will be mandated to pay their female employees $3 more per hour than their current wage. (Time to get our hair did ^_^) In all seriousness, this is a great step in the right direction. Any employer who refuses this will face a pretty hefty fine. Furthermore, this will just highlight all of the sexist and misogynist male employers out there if they try to resist. Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Big Shot Businessman… is your company not making enough money to pay each woman the $3 more an hour they deserve? Sounds like that’s your problem. Sounds like maybe you need to stop running your business in a misogynistic woman-hating way.

The right side of history is still pushing for a $15 minimum wage nationwide but if all goes well, American women will be receiving their rightful $18 minimum wage – regardless of work experience or qualifications.


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