Despite Peaceful Antifa Protests, Hateful Speakers Are Still Coming To Universities

As we know, Antifa is a peaceful protest group who resists fascist regimes in a kind and diplomatic manner. Much like the civil rights movement, Antifa demonstrates quietly without disturbing people or causing any damage or destruction to property. However, they are labelled by many right wingers as a hate group themselves and have even been called a terrorist organization by some.

Antifa was successful at silencing the hate speech of Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley on two separate occasions. Through quiet chants and marches in unison, Antifa and others who reject hate speech, effectively put a stop to potential speaker, Ann Coulter on April 15th. However, against the heartfelt wishes of the peaceful members of the Anti-Fascist movement, Ann Coulter is still scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley on April 27th. This is absurd!

It’s beginning to seem as though the peaceful protests are not working. Black Lives Matter protests peacefully as they kindly suggest that cops should be killed (in a nice and polite way), yet black people still have to pay for college and receive no reparations simply for simply being black. The Women’s March cleanly demonstrated from coast to coast their desire to not have all of their rights taken from them (including their rights to equal pay, employment, voting, driving, leaving the house, leaving the kitchen and of course their right to having abortions at 8 months), yet because of Trump, all of those rights are threatened. Yes. All of them.

Antifa peacefully protested on April 15th while violent Trump supporters took it upon themselves to relentlessly beat down anyone not wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

If things continue the way they are going, it seems as though the first amendment will actually stay in effect, which is of course not something we want. No one with differing opinions should have the right to voice them, especially in a public place. Even Bernie Sanders sided with Trump supporters, saying that Ann Coulter should have a right to speak her mind. It’s sickening. Stay strong, America, we will get through this together.


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