NYPD begins mass relocation of Orthodox Jews to assisted living facilities

Fredo's big brother has issued another executive order

Emmy award-winning governor Andrew Cuomo has issued an executive order effectively relocating New York City’s entire Jewish population into nursing homes.

“There’ve been a lot of hot spots popping up around these people, which raises the Question of what to do about them. Now, we may have had a few false starts, but I think we’ve come up with a solution — a final solution. We’re going to get these people the care that they deserve.”

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo, big brother to Fredo

Effective immediately, the NYPD’s BLM division will begin herding Hasidic Jews into subway cars and transporting them to assisted living facilities. The Orthodox community is scheduled for processing next, and the remainder of New York’s Jewish population will be rounded up in the days to follow.

Only lawyers, journalists, and Chuck Schumer are exempt.

“This was only made possible by the recent Supreme Court ruling barring the governor’s restrictions on how many Jews may gather — or be gathered — in one place,” humxyzn rights activist Linda Sarsour told NPC Daily. “Now we can pack them together for transport as tightly as we like.”

While some would suggest that Governor Cuomo’s recent actions could potentially be framed in an Antisemitic-adjacent light, it is important to recognize that such people are racist conspiracy theorists who should be silenced by force, if necessary.

The Anti-Defamation League continues to praise Cuomo for his charismatic leadership, Hollywood clearly adores him, and Dr. Fauci himself (hallowed be His name) has held New York’s coronavirus response up as a model for ushering in the Great Reset.

Also, womxyzn of all genders think he’s sexy. Which is how you know that anyone who criticizes Andrew Cuomo is on the wrong side of history.

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