Biden: “COVID stimulus checks will be mailed to anyone showing support for #BlackLivesMatter”

Biden promotes unity by promising to provide COVID stimulus relief to supporters of unifying causes

In a brazen attempt to unify the country, President-Elect Joe Biden has hinted at providing COVID stimulus relief to anyone who openly shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He released a tweet illustrating his groundbreaking plan.

Support for Black Lives Matter can take many forms. Here are a few exmaples you can show your support for Black lives to secure your COVID. This can take the form of:

  • Displaying a Black Lives Matter flag on your property
  • Placing a Black Lives Matter sticker on your car
  • Getting Black Lives Matter tattooed on your body
  • Rejecting your white privilege, donating all of your money to a random black individual regardless of need, devoting your life to the indentured servitude of any black person you come in contact with for the next four calendar years.
  • Using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on social media

Anyone who does not support the Black Lives Matter movement is, by definition, a white supremacist unworthy of government aid. Racism should play no part in our country and anyone who rejects the tenets and demands of Black Lives Matter does not deserve a COVID stimulus relief check.

There’s only one way to make America as great as it can be it’s through unity by force. Diversity is our strength.


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