117 reasons why Pakistan NEEDS $10 million for gender programs

You're a bigot if you deny Pakistan their right to subsidized gender programs

In a stunning and brave stimulus proposal put forth by Nancy Pelosi, there were many items listed that brought into question the efficacy of such a bill. Though the bill would provide only $600 for American citizens (while Trump wanted it even lower than that) the bill also provided a much needed funding package to Pakistan’s Gender Studies programs.

Put simply, Pakistan gender programs is essential to handling the COVID-19 crisis in the US. Here are 117 reasons why Pakistan needs Gender Studies programs and if you disagree, you are a transphobic xenophobe who hates minorities.

  1. Pakistan is diverse

2. Pakistan is nice

3. Pakistan deserves nice things

4. Pakistan is full of peaceful Muslims

(Reasons 5 – 116 redacted for privacy concerns)

5. Pakistani culture is tolerant

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