COVID-19 is actually a good catalyst to finally bring the US into Socialism

Socialism - a silver lining around the dark cloud of the Trump virus

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Socialism – it’s that Socialism works! Capitalism, on the other hand, has failed time and time again to provide everyone (citizen or not) with free health care, free education, equality of outcome and forced equality among all persons living within our borders.

Though the health effects of COVID-19 (aka the Trump Virus) have been horrendous and fatal, there is a glimmer of hope. The lockdowns, mask mandates, and heightened regulations have brought us just that much closer to full government control over our lives – and that’s a good thing.

At this rate, we will have free health care, free housing, free education and stimulus checks every week for those of us who do not wish to work – all paid for by taxing the upper 1% who will most certainly stay here and not move to other countries and take their assets, job opportunities, and wealth with them.

Socialism is a good thing and it’s what our founding fathers would have wanted all along – 100% government control.

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