Mexican Americans And Hispanics Forced To Pay Higher Tax For Trump’s Border Wall

In a final and desperate attempt of President Donald Trump to get Mexico to pay for that racist and unconstitutional border wall, Trump signed an executive order forcing all Mexican Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, regardless of citizenship status, to pay an extra 35% on all of their purchases. This means that for a white man, a bottle of water will cost only $1 but for a Hispanic, that exact bottle of water will cost him or her $1.35.

This went unchallenged in the Trump administration. This mandate is said to raise a total of 25 billion dollars within four years. Needless to say, Mexican Americans are not happy with this bill.

I was buying groceries yesterday and in my cart, I had the same stuff that the white man in front of me had. His total came out to $42 while my total came out to $56 and we had the same items! I want nothing to do with this wall, why should I have to pay for it? Just because I’m Mexican? This is ridiculous.

– Jose Guillermo Gonzalez-Rodriguez Chavez Julio-Hernandez Gomez

And ridiculous it very much is! This is discrimination to the highest degree. Not only is it unconstitutional to build a wall to defend our borders, but it’s racist and immoral to make certain people pay for things, simply based on the color of their skin. No one should have to pay anything extra, or even receive discounts, based on the color of their skin.

Donald Trump hit a new low today by signing this executive order. It seems he will stop at nothing to make “Mexico” pay for the wall, even if that means taxing exclusively Mexican American citizens.

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