Drinking water upholds white supremacy since many African countries have no access to clean water

White people are responsible for poverty and slavery by continuing to drink water

It’s no secret that when white people drink water, they are showing their outwardly directed white supremacy and bigoted beliefs – the question is whether or not they know why. Many third world countries, African countries, and minorities have no access to clean drinking water. When white people drink water, they are essentially mocking those who are less privileged.

This is bigotry, plain and simple. America has had both a history and a tragic present of oppressing anyone with a darker skin tone. It happened back then with slavery and it’s happening even worse today with microaggressions and misgendering.

Simply put, this needs to stop. In order to remove racism from our history, white people need to drink less water in order to level the playing field.

Dr. Rainwolf Thundersprite Ph.D (Doctor of Education) elegantly explains in her spoken word performed at San Francisco State University:

White people are trash. If they drink water, they’re no better than Hitler or Trump. I charge $80,000 for my lectures.

  • Dr. Rainwolf Thundersprite Ph.D (Doctor of Education)

If you see a white person drinking water, politely inform them of their racism. Do not let up until they put the water down and repent for their skin color. Diversity is our strength.

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