Donald Trump is the leading cause of death in the United States, reports Occupy Democrats

Progressive news outlet claps back at genocidal administration

Donald Trump was the leading cause of death for Americans in 2020, Occupy Democrats reports. Which should come as no surprise to anyone, given his failure to stop Democrats from encouraging people to ignore the threat of the coronavirus and get out on the town, then failing to put an end to the practice of introducing COVID patients into nursing homes to infect the elderly.

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It was grossly irresponsible of him to encourage reopening the economy — as if the shutdowns could be deadlier than a virus with a mortality rate comparable to that of the seasonal flu — and his efforts to poison the American public with hydroxychloroquine were simply unforgivable.

Trump further contributed to the spread of both COVID and racism (which is far deadlier, according to researchers at USC Berkeley) by encouraging the reopening (rather than burning) of Churches and schools while condemning peaceful Black Lives Matter rioters as thugs and arsonists.

Between his abysmal handling of the coronavirus, his failure to keep said thugs and arsonists from destroying minority-owned businesses and murdering nearly four dozen people (though the total BLM death toll is likely in the hundreds), and the concentration camps at our southern border, is it any wonder Donald Trump is so despised by the tolerant, progressive left?

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Thankfully, the incoming Harris/Biden Administration has promised to undo all of the harm Trump has done to the American people by >RESETing the economy and Building Back Better.

Tina Pool

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