CONFIRMED: Trump supporters are domestic terrorists and should ALL be tried for treason

Trump supporters are the most violent individuals our country has ever seen

Just look at the picture above. What you’re looking at is Washington DC, the Capitol of the United States, under siege by violent Trump supporters. Donald Trump ordered his followers directly to storm and riot and cause violence at the capitol to promulgate his white supremacist agenda.

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s the fact that Trump wanted to turn America into a white ethnostate and he has incited violence in every tweet, every speech and every moment of his existence.

White supremacy was defeated when we as a tolerant woke nation elected Joe Biden for president in 2020. That, of course, meant that Trump wouldn’t go down without a fight. He mustered all his his hatred and bigotry and channeled it at Capitol Hill by directly telling his followers to attack any and all non-white individuals in their way on their path to destroying the capitol of the country.

Joe Biden saved us. Just as Joe Biden’s vaccine is saving us from the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Biden singlehandedly defended the Capitol with his words alone. Joe Biden, simply put, is an ascended being and should be revered as such.

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