After being banned from Twitter, Trump turns to OnlyFans to spread his hatred and bigotry

An increasingly more desperate Trump turns to OnlyFans to get his message across to his supporters

Simply put, freedom of speech is a privilege, not a right. Trump is privileged enough as a straight, white male. Giving him free reign to speak freely on social media platforms is simply too much.

This is why it is literally in the world’s best interest if Trump is censored completely. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have done the right thing by deplatforming the president of the United States. However, there is still one platform that has yet to revoke Trump’s right to free speech.

Trump is now using his verified OnlyFans account to spread his hatred and bigotry. We are officially calling for OnlyFans to remove all derogatory content from their platform – and that means @RealDonaldTrump.

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