It’s time to admit that Joe Biden is God

Blessed be our woke father and may his right hand always be far left

Today is a new day. Joe Biden is not only the new president of the United States, but he is the father, the son, and the holy spirit incarnate. Simply put, Joe Biden is God – and he is the God we both needed and deserve.

Within mere minutes of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Trump virus began to lift, the economy began to recover, our populace began uniting, hate speech came to a screeching halt and climate change began to reverse. Joe Biden’s mere existence is wokeness incarnate, and his name shall be praised.

We must, as noble followers and disciples of our almighty God, Lord Biden, spread the good woke word, furthering our effort to bring our recovering country ever further to the left. We must never falter in censoring the right, suppressing opposing (and wrong) views, and demolishing white supremacy. Joe Biden is the answer to all.

Joe Biden is, was, and always will be. We praise his name. Joe bless America.


And awomen.

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