Trump Proposes Legislation For Wall Along CANADIAN Border Following Comments By Justin Trudeau

After a heated exchange between President Donald Trump and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Trump has proposed a plan for a wall along the Canadian border as well. Furthermore, Trump is claiming that Canada will pay for this wall.

It all started after a joint press conference between Trump and Trudeau where they discussed NATO and other international policies. During their discussion, Trump said very clearly and openly that he hates all non-white people and wants to deport Mexicans, regardless of their citizenship status. Justin Trudeau, being the valiant political hero of justice that he is, promptly called out Donald Trump on his blatant racism, for which Trump retaliated by calling him a “cuck“.

After the press conference concluded, Donald Trump had the following to say about our Canadian neighbors.

Canada is not our friend! They may seem nice but deep down, they’re drug dealers, murders and rapists just like Mexicans. That is why we are going to build a great wall along our northern border and Canada is going to pay for it. We need secure borders and we the American dream does not allow for any of those snow Mexicans to come through.

– Donald Trump, April 27th White House after Press Conference

It seems as though Trump is determined to isolate the United States from the rest of the world. Canada is one of our closest allies with one of the strongest military forces in the world, and Trump just made an enemy out of them. There’s no telling what this will do to our trade policies and economy. Donald Trump’s stubborn lack of diplomacy will lead us to possible nuclear war with Canada was well if he’s not careful.

We don’t know if this will pass congress. The house and senate have successfully stopped Trump from passing his exclusive Muslim-only ban and his attempt to force every US citizen off of their healthcare – because Trump hates all of us. With any luck, the house and senate will not pass this legislation and our relations with Canada can stay in tact, for now.


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