Gina Careno CANCELLED for sharing hate facts on Instagram


Conservative sneuflakes are once again whining about “cancel culture”, which has been scientifically proven by independent fact-checkers not to exist.

The reality is that freedom of speech (of which we have a surplus on social media) does not mean freedom from consequences. Which is why Mandalorian actress Gina Careno fully deserves to be cancelled for sharing the following Antisemitic Instagram story:

Forming cancellation mobs to pressure corporations into unpersoning individuals whose views are problematic to the ruling Party isn’t fascism, it’s democratic fascism. And you can’t “dehumanize” Trumpanzees because they surrendered their humxyznity the moment they threw in with a literal dictator who is evil and orange and grabs cervix owners who identify as the sex they were assigned at birth by the front hole.

So glad Gina Carano was fired for making such a hateful and overwrought Holocaust comparison.

To all you conservatards who are now canceling your Disney Plus subscriptions — your turn will come in time.

And to all the racists and xenophobes clamoring about Disney having filmed Mulan outside a “concentration camp” in Xinjiang — they’re not concentration camps, they’re Uyghur Organ Harvesting and Reeducation Duplexes. So miss us with that Sinophobia.

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