Biden’s Soft-Sided Migrant Overflow Facilities are Better and Safer than Trump’s Cages and Tents

It's time to admit that Joe Biden handles the border "crisis" more effectively than Trump ever did

If there’s one thing that Trump will forever be known for, it’s the fact that Trump physically went to the border, ripped countless migrant children from their crying mother’s arms, and stuffed them in cages. Furthermore, Trump ordered hundreds of thousands of asylum-seeking refugees to be kept in prison camps, tent cities, and fenced off cages, stuffed like sardines with little to no space to move around.

Thankfully, Joe Biden took office and everything changed overnight. Trump told migrants to not come to the border, Joe Biden said the exact opposite. With a heart full of love, President Biden told all of Central and South America to surge our borders. When they arrived, they were lovingly placed in soft-sided migrant overflow facilities to await their amnesty.

Some may say that Biden’s “soft-sided overflow facilities” are the same as Trump’s detention centers. Some may even point out that Joe Biden is using the exact same facilities as Trump. Well… those people are racists.

I’ve seen them. They’re literally the same thing. “Soft-sided structure” literally means tent. They’re the same thing. Joe Biden is doing the same thing as Donald Trump – but only it’s a bit worse because there are now more people being detained than with Trump since Trump tried to block people from coming in while BidenĀ told them to come here, and then locked them up anyway. Is any one else seeing this?

  • Some Racist

That quote is clearly from a racist and will be cancelled in due time. Joe Biden is the savior of our country. Any idea to the contrary, any opposition, any criticism at all is simply unacceptable and unwelcome. Diversity is our strength – as long as you agree with the right side of history.

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