“I will wear my mask even if I am vaccinated so I don’t appear like a science denying conservative”

The CDC is essentially telling us to look like Trump supporters by giving people the "free pass" to walk around maskless after receiving the vaccine

More and more brave liberals and millennials are embracing the permanent mask life despite the CDC’s all-clear for mask removal for vaccinated individuals. This mindset is completely understandable, given the fact that conservatives/white supremacists have consistently expressed anti-science sentiments.

Trump supporters and klan members alike have refused to wear masks throughout the entire pandemic. This creates a stigma of racism and systemic injustice – the very same injustice that led to the racially charged premeditated first-degree murders of George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant.

The CDC is essentially telling us to look like Trump supporters by giving people the “free pass” to walk around maskless after receiving the vaccine. The efficacy of the vaccine is irrelevant. What’s really important is optics – and no one in their right mind would want to be mistaken for a science denying conservative by refusing to wear a mask after getting vaccinated and immune to COVID-19.

I plan on wearing a mask for the rest of my life. Indoors, outdoors, at family gatherings, and even at my second polyamorous open free spirit demi-quadruple wedding to my wife’s third boyfriend. My testosterone is at an all time low and I refuse to even appear to be in the same plane of existence as a transphobic racially discriminatory and judgmental conservative by taking off my mask even while eating.

  • Jordan Laxudiff, 24, OnlyFans Videographer

This is a growing trend. The signal is no longer a vaccine card. Vaccines may work, but you’re sending the wrong message if you walk around without a mask even if you are alone, indoors, and immune to the virus.


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