Flag of Australia undergoes redesign — “Stars of Friendship” to be added

Australia welcomes ethnic diversity by cleansing nationalist imagery

Foolish guizi in Australia government say many illegal and unkind things of People’s Party that give insult to all Chinee people all over world. Kangaroo People treat Chinee People very bad, make insulting claim that Trump Virus begin in People Republic, and spread lies of how Uyghur slave stock treated.

But Chinee People very kind, very pure, so we forgive and accept Australia apology.

In kindness and in friendship, we offer gift of flag to Australia schoolchildren with improve design.

Now Australia flag will have Stars of Friendship to show close bond between Chinee People and Western devils.

All schoolchildren will receive and celebrate generous gift from People Liberation Army. Every school will select one child to express appropriate gratitude and ensure good behavior of pig-eyed prime minister. People Liberation Army Navy will withdraw offshore training exercise once child envoys have been collected.

Diversity is strength.

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