“It’s time to cancel Cassandra Fairbanks”: an open letter to Tim Pool

Unapproved journalist accused of unconscious white supremacy

Dear Tim: we’ve had our differences, but no fucking around, Cassandra Fairbanks is a white supremacist and it’s time to cancel her.

Maybe she doesn’t realize she is a white supremacist — I have no idea. But I have personally witnessed people who are not connected to her engaging in alarming white supremacist rhetoric:

This is the language they’re using to make it seem like it’s just a natural opposition to what the left is doing — this is how they are pulling people in.

I’ve seen a lot of comments like this on my channel recently, and it was confusing to me at first:

But now I get what’s happening.

Cassandra is using my channel to recruit for the white supremacist movement.

Tim, you need to fire the bitch and have me back on your show. What’s she got that I don’t? I am twice the womxyzn she is and an expert on who the real racists are.

P.S., I’m not crazy. She is.

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