Target facing criticism over insufficiently-inclusive LGBTQIAP+ Pride wear

Demiboy bronies and agender lesbians underrepresented, activists warn

Target has come under fire over their line of LGBTQIAP+ children’s wear, with critics claiming that the clothing line is non-inclusive and discriminatory against children with non-binary and pansexual polyamorous parents.

“Cis white gays and lesbians are basically the straights of the LGBTQIAP+ community,” humxyzn rights activist Charlotte Clymer told NPC Daily. “Pride Month is not for them.”

Others have voiced outrage at the choice of rainbow pride flag, citing the lack of adequate representation on children’s screen tees of specific groups and kinks within LGBTQIAP+ community, such as the demiboy-brony community and agender lesbians.

Others still take issue with the idea that white children should proud of anything.

“White LGBTQIAPplus Pride is white LGBTQIAPplus supremacy. Black trans kids’ lives won’t matter so long as white kids’ lives do.” • Shamiquell LaFondx Jones, BLM activist

The are clearly serious civil rights issues that we can only hope to see rectified by this time next year. Because we at NPC Daily truly believe that black trans kids’ lives should matter.

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