Minorities are disproportionately killed by lightning strikes in storms caused by climate change

Climate change is a racial issue because minorities are getting struck by lightning more than white people

If there’s one thing we know without a doubt, it’s the climate change is first and foremost, a racial issue. This is supported by the fact that diverse and beautiful people (non-whites) are killed by lightning strikes at a disproportionately high number compared to their racist white counterparts.

Due to climate change, storms are becoming more frequent and more violent. The sea level is rising, causing storms by the coasts – while winds are picking up in the mid-west, causing more tornadoes and extreme weather events. During these storms, instances of lightning striking people are becoming more frequent.

Minorities are being struck by lightning at a higher frequency now than ever – and it’s all due to climate change. Climate change is caused primarily by the racist tax cuts to the rich from Trump’s administration. Climate change is also caused by white supremacy, and this can only be fixed with enormous amounts of Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory education.

My son is a transgender genderqueer fluid substance that identifies as Indonesian. He was playing on top of a mountain during a rain storm with a large metal stick, dancing around whilst expressing his gender identity. He got struck by lightning and is in critical condition. If he dies, it will be ruled a covid death. This is Trump’s fault.

  • Sam Samson, 28

We cannot let racist climate policies left over from the Trump administration to go unchecked and unaccounted for. This is why we need to raise taxes and need to allow transgender men into women’s locker rooms. If we don’t, the Trump supporters win and lightning will continue to strike down minorities simply for being non-white because of climate change.


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