Trump, Trumpism, and Trumpists: The authoritarian takeover of American conservatism is complete

NPC Daily contributor Bill Kristol weighs in on his fellow conservative people

By Bill Kristol, NPC Daily contributor. (Pronouns he/him.)

The authoritarian takeover of American conservatism is complete. The responsibility for this lies with conservative elites who have rationalized, enabled, and legitimized Trumpism (and Nazism in general).

I warned of this back in 2019. (Also 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and throughout 2020.)

Trump is a corrupt authoritarian who continually undermined the rule of law to enrich himself and his wealthy corporate sponsors.

He colluded with Russia in 2016 and stole people’s mailboxes in 2020.

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Even following Trump’s defeat — both in terms of the Most Secure Election in American History and his Mostly-Violent Insurrection — the Republican Party continues to exhibit all the classic signs of the Third Reich.

They have turned against the military, favoring instead the use of white supremacist paramilitary groups like the Proud Boys — whom they charge with framing black people with violent attacks against Jews, Asians, Latinxes, Pacific Islanders, Arabs, Persians, Persyns of Indigenous, Pommies, Eskimos, my fellow white people, and other Black people.

This is extremely dangerous to Our Democracy and a classic move from the authoritarian playbook. Indeed, the idea of “saving” America is downright creepy.

Fortunately, there is nothing creepy nor authoritarian about Joe Biden.

Biden is a democrat, not a demagogue. He seeks to strengthen Our Democracy by relieving us all of the burden of choice.

In Joe Biden’s America, elections will be decided not by the Russians but by a well-funded cabal of powerful people working behind the scenes to control the flow of information.

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In Joe Biden’s America, Black people will finally be free.

To vote.

For Democrats.

And receive mandatory experimental wellness injections.

NPC Contributor

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