There’s A Strong Chance Vladimir Putin Is Hacking The French Election

The French elections are underway and we know that it is a neck and neck race between the rightful and moral Emmanuel Macron and the hateful xenophobic bigot Marine Le Pen. There is an eerie parallel between the French elections and the 2016 American elections. As we all know, it was confirmed that Putin hacked the US elections in order to make Trump win. There is only one explanation as to why Le Pen, whose political views bear a striking uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump’s, is but a close second in the French polls.

Putin is hacking the French elections too.

Marine Le Pen, like Trump, wants to ban all Muslims and Mexicans from France. She wants to build a wall around France and have Afghanistan pay for it. These are all propositions that Putin supports.

There is nothing wrong with refugees and their cultures in no way clash with western values. So why does she hate them so much? Why does Le Pen want to put France first? Because she’s a puppet of Vladimir Putin. Plain and simple.

Though, admittedly, this is conjecture and we will find out for sure on May 7th when the final results come through. If Le Pen wins, we can be assured that Vladimir Putin had his Russian hand in it. If Macron wins, France will be a safe and secure cultural melting pot where refugees can come and assimilate peacefully. Fingers crossed.


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