Star Trek comes under fire over racist and Antisemitic dog whistles

Science fiction's whitest franchise has a hidden ethnonationalist agenda

The Trekker Community has come under scrutiny as of late. Between Star Trek Online’s failure to include specific representation for the Lesbian Community or the Gay Community to Black Twitter suddenly noticing certain commonalities between the ugliness and violence of the Klingon Community and the ugliness and violence of their own communities, one cannot help but wonder if Gene Roddenberry might not have been a member of the White Supremacist Community.

“Star Trek is actually full of racist dog whistles,” says Dustin Levitt of the Approved Journalism Community.

“The Ferengi are a Jewish stereotype, played by Jewish actors. And just look at Captain Picard — a Frenchman, only he is played by the English actor Patrick Stewart. Is this yet another subtle implication that ethno-nationalist British imperialism will be the standard in the future across species and throughout star systems across the galaxy?”

Journalist Excellence Worldwide — the flagship of the JLGBT Community — reports uncovering nearly 15,000 dog whistles across the Star Trek franchise in the span of a single weekend.

NPC Daily legal analyst Andy Kuntz urges extreme caution when viewing outdated and expired media.

“I urge extreme caution when viewing outdated and expired media.” • Lawyer Andy Kuntz

If you or a member of your Community believe you may have come in contact with any dangerous television shows, contact the law offices of Andy Kuntz, Ph.D right away. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

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