“No Representation For Racists” — Cori Bush and AOC team up to strip Republicans of voting rights

Democrat duo hints at upcoming bill to further fortify our fair elections

Persyns of congress Cori Bush (D) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) have hinted at upcoming legislation to strip Republican voters of their voting rights, suggesting that the widespread calls among journalists to replace voter ID with vaccine ID do not go far enough.

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We caught up with the progressive pair on Capitol Hill as they stood good-naturedly teasing Senator Mitch McConnell (R) for his inability to walk as swiftly as Senator Chuck Schumer (D), owing to crippling bout of polio that nearly killed him as a child.

“He scarce half made up, y’alls. He so lame and unfashionable, I’s just be barkin’ at him as he halt by.” • Representative Cori Bush (MO)

Under the No Representation For Racists Act, no one who has ever been a registered Republican — nor who is even suspected of having ever voted for any Republican candidates — will be eligible to vote in federal elections.

“We cannot allow white supremacists and the Russians to deny free taxpayer-funded housing, healthcare, childcare, education, food stamps, iPhones, and UBI to undocumented asylees,” Representative Ocasio-Cortez told NPC Daily as we watched her companion engage Sen. McConnell in a friendly game of Kick the Legs Out From Under the Cripple. “This is a violation of their most basic humxyzn rights.”

“What our bill effervescently does is neuterize the 13th and 21st Amendments. That means they’re cancelled. We can do that because we’re members of Congress.” • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she/her)

We reached out to Senator McConnell for comment just as he was attempting (rather desperately) to reach back up to us.

“Please,” he pled meekly between blows from Congresswomxyzn Bush’s Air Jordans, “do what you want to the voters, just tell her not to hit me so hard.”

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