“Mission Accomplished” Joe Biden declares victory in Afghanistan in stellar foreign policy performance

Through Joe Biden's stunning and brave withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, the Middle East is now officially more stable and diverse

What a long and expensive twenty years it’s been but it has all paid off. Through Joe Biden’s meticulous and careful announcements of withdrawal from Afghanistan months before we actually withdrew, this let the Taliban know that we mean business when it comes to diversity and international strength.

Let’s face it – America has arguably never really been a force for objective good in the Middle East. The US has always interfered with various austere Muslim organizations from peaceably spreading their faith throughout the region in fiery but mostly peaceful ways. Now that Joe Biden has officially pulled out troops from Afghanistan, the country is now in better shape than it had ever been!

Joe Biden’s expertise in stellar foreign policy will be the spearhead that brings the world together under one flag regardless if that flag is the US flag or not. As long as he doesn’t tweet upsetting things from his iPhone, we can rest easy knowing that the world abroad is now better thanks to President Joe Biden’s actions and decisions.


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