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Far-right Australian government “embraces tradition”, reverts back to penal colony

This is what they meant by "we have to go back"

As Salon recently noted, authoritarianism is inherently right wing. From Stalin to Mao, every attempt at REAL socialism has thus far failed because of authoritarianism.

There is literally no such thing as left-wing (i.e., socialist) authoritarianism because socialism is anything beneficial to society while authoritarianism (i.e., capitalism) entails all of the things that are harmful to society.

Australia has now reverted back to its roots as a Pommy penal colony — likely under orders from Queen Elizabeth II, an avowed white supremacist who is rumored to be the TRUE leader of Atomwaffen.

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The fact that Australia is once again a slave state is a BAD thing because it means Black people are being disproportionately affected.

However, we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Which means some personal freedoms must be permanently surrendered.

Freedoms such as talking to one’s neighbors, or NOT being forcibly relocated to a concentration camp.

This means that in spite of appearances (and despite the queen being a literal Nazi who hunts Black people for sport), these recent accommodations for vulnerable minorities (Black people in particular) are in fact beneficial to society. Which means they are not actually authoritarian after all.

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Actions taken the name of public safety are inherently anti-authoritarian. So do your civic duty and cooperate with the authorities.

The FDA has now fully approved the Pfizer Ouchie, and that makes it safe and effective for all Australians. (Not that there was ever any cause for doubt.)

The science is settled. You should put your trust in American governmental entities and TV celebrities while ignoring all medical advice, contraindications, and so-called “data” from unapproved experts who want your grandma to die a horrible death.

Anti-authoritarian lockdowns, COVID passports, and concentration camps are literally saving lives, and supporting these things makes you a good person.


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