Spider-Man No Way Home Makes it Clear How Much Disney Hates Women

When the trailer for the new Marvel movie dropped, high-pitched whoops of joy and screeches of vicarious ecstasy echoed across the Internet as children and incels alike took to social media to celebrate the return of the sensitive-but-heroic, web-slinging hero.

But what the Spidey stans fail to acknowledge is how celebrating the return of their favorite web head is an implicit declaration of their support for the Patriarchy and a reaffirmation of their own disgusting misogyny.

Scarlett Johansson recently sued the disgusting Capitalists at Disney for exploiting her work without just compensation. By releasing Black Widow simultaneously in both theaters and on Disney+, Disney denied her the backend proceeds generated as a percentage of the box office revenues. While Disney has predictably denied their obligation to pay for the services of an empowered womxyzn, other powerful Disney stars have come to her support, including Wiccan shero, Elizabeth Olsen.

Other survivors of Disney+ digital slavery are stepping forward with their horrific stories of abuse, including Emily Blunt and Emma Stone, both prostituted by the company on Disney+ without proper recompense for their work.

As with Harvey Weinstein and Brian Williams, Disney has yet to take responsibility for their horrific violence against womxyzn, instead thumbing their nose at the charges levied against them by openly gloating that Spider-Man: No Way Home will be a theater exclusive.

Yes, Disney believes in paying their persyns of mxle stars a living wage, but they are content to violently exploit their persyns of femxle and then kick them into the ditch, condemning them to forever live a life of wage-gap poverty.

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