Afghan refugees to be given “One Free Vote Pass” in US mid-term elections

Afghan refugees will be able to vote in upcoming elections regardless of immigration status until they are granted residency

It’s no secret that Biden has singlehandedly saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens and their evacuation will be expedited to full blown citizenship in due time. Until then, house Democrats are proposing a “One Free Vote Pass” voucher for any and all Afghan refugees until they are made citizens.

After all, Afghan refugees – all 100,000 of them – need to be made aware of which political party saved them from the Taliban armed by Trump’s destructive foreign policy deals. This will help tremendously in keeping our Democratic representatives in office considering the blow that Biden has received in his latest poll – which was clearly hacked by white supremacists.

The mid-term elections are right around the corner, but it’s unlikely that every single new Afghan refugee will receive naturalization by then. For this reason, it imperative that they are given this “Free Vote Pass” to ensure the reelection of of a liberal congress – because it’s unlikely that we will win again without their help.


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