What if the locals in RE5 were never actually infected?

It's time to consider Chris Redfield's true motive for disturbing those mostly-peaceful villagers

Chris Redfield has long been heralded as a hero within alt-right (so-called “gamer”) spaces. The alpha of Alpha Team, the star of S.T.A.R.S. But is such a regard for him truly justified? Perhaps — if you happen to be a toxic white male yourself.

We’ve all heard the conspiracy theories surrounding Mx. Redfield’s role in shutting down that big bad pharmaceutical company supposedly engaged in taxpayer-funded gain-of-function research — conspiracy theories that have of course been extensively debunked by Facebook-approved fact checkers. But even if there were a word of truth to them (which there isn’t), by no means would this absolve him of his racially-motivated attacks on persyns of color.

The year was 2009. Albert Wesker was up to some white nonsense, probably trying to re-colonize West Africa for that racist queen of his.

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Teaming up with Candice Owens, Redfield set out to stop him, genociding the natives along the way and hunting to extinction nearly a dozen newly-discovered species of African wildlife.

Chris teams up with Candice O to hunt black people for sport

Redfield and Owens (an avowed race traitor) would later claim the locals had become infected by some type of parasite — an excuse which fails to hold up to journalistic scrutiny.

Experts at the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are in agreement that “Las Plagas” is a dog whistle against Hispanics, and at any rate, the pair has offered nothing in the way of explanation for their rampant looting. When pressed for comment by TMZ on their illegally-obtained treasures, Redfield stated only that “they belong in a museum”.

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Based on critical analysis of the facts at hand and the violent nature of caucasian males, one can reasonably conclude that Chris Redfield is in fact a white supremacist, and that the true purpose behind his visit to Africa was to massacre minorities.

Black lives clearly do not matter to Chris Redfield, which is why we are calling upon federal authorities to detain and execute Mx. Redfield immediately.

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