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Trump Denies Children Refugees And Then Bombs Said Children

It’s no secret that Donald Trump openly hates Muslims, Mexicans, Black people and of course, Syrian Refugees. Donald Trump is such an incompetent president that he doesn’t even realize that he’s creating the very refugees that he’s denying!

Last week, Assad used chemical weapons on a bunch of children – which is a horrible thing. Donald Trump says that we “need to protect these [Syrian] children of God.” As the same time, Trump says that these “children of God” can’t come here! Immediately after Assad poisoned all of those children, Trump bombed even more Syrian children. The death toll is in the thousands.

Trump is launching more bombs in his first 100 days of presidency than Obama AND Bush launched in the past 10 years!

Each bomb costs the American tax payer over 100 million dollars. The money for ONE bomb could give the entire country free health care for 10 years. Yet, Trump has no problem launching hundreds of these bombs at innocent children who did nothing wrong.

Here’s a random video with high production quality bashing Trump.



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