Afghan migrants and migrants from the open southern border can ensure a Democratic midterm victory

Every individual in the influx of migrants needs to be given amnesty so they can vote for the party that gave them their freedom

It’s no secret that Joe Biden’s approval rating is dipping slightly at the behest of white supremacy and hatred towards minorities. This is very dangerous because without the leadership of Joe Biden and the stellar guidance of the Democratic party, we may lose without the numbers we need.

That’s why with the southern border wide open, hundreds of thousands of Latinx, Hispanx, and South Americanx migrants will be welcomed with open arms into the Democratic party. Once their pathway to citizenship is made into law, this new influx of diversity will be the boost in poll numbers we need in order to ensure victory in the 2022 midterm elections.

On top of that, Joe Biden (and the Democratic party) will rightfully take credit for rescuing the hundreds of thousands of Afghan migrants from the Taliban invasion (Trump’s fault) which, in turn, will turn into more much needed votes for the Democratic party.

If left to their own devices, it’s not looking great for us in the midterms at the moment. That’s why we will need to do away with any and all voter regulations, racist voter ID laws, and we need to give amnesty to anyone who steps foot in on American soil – and they need to know which party gave it to them so they know who to vote for in 2022.


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