NPC DAILY FACT CHECK: Did Joe Biden drop a hard ‘R’ during his Veterans Day Speech?

CLAIM: Alt-Right basement-dwelling internet trolls claim President Biden used a hard ‘R’ in reference to BIPOC sportsball player Satchel Page (he/him) during his recent Veterans Day Speech.

FALSE. It was not a hard ‘R’ — it only sounded like a hard one on account of his working-class background and famous Scranton Stutter.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden frequently uses African-American vernacular to warmly refer to his friends of color.

“During the Golden Era of the Obama presidency, the President (who was then Vice President) was known for greeting his best friend with an affectionate, ‘Wut up, my clean and articulate White House nigga?’ to which then-President Obama would cheerfully reply, ‘Hey, hey, Vanillaface!'”

“This is a perfectly healthy and respectful way of communicating,” Psaki assured the White House Press Corps on Monday.

“Frankly, Peter, this line of questioning seems to suggest that you don’t even have a Black friend. Why is that, Peter? Are they all just shoeshines and field workers to you?”
• Jen Psaki to Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy

The sassy Press Secretary later took to Twitter to debunk a baseless conspiracy theory involving President Biden’s relationship with future President Kamala Harris:

NPC Daily reached out to Jack Posobiec for comment but did not hear back in time for publication — an all too frequent occurrence with these Fox News personalities.

Tina Pool

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