Was QAnon really just a psyop to sell MyPillow(s)?

NPC Daily journalist goes undercover to discover THE TRUTH

What if Mike Lindell was Q all along, and the entire QAnon conspirac(y) was just (o)ne big grift to sell pillows?

NPC Daily sent (u)ndercover reporter Neville Percival Croft undercover to uncover THE TRUTH.

Which means THE TRUTH is about to be REVEALED.

And no more waiting! 🙂

During the course of xir investigation, Detective Croft discovered a number of right-wing (p)ersynalities sharing IMAG(E)S (o)f (P)ILLOWS with their fo(l)lowers — along with COD(E)S.

Codes such as ‘POSO’, ‘LOOMER,’ and ‘MILO’, leading Neville to the inescap(a)ble conclusion that Q is continuing to SEC(R)ETLY COMMUNICAT(E) with his supporters through CODED MESSAGES.

Mike Lindell is Q, Liza(r)d Peopl(e) are REAL, and (T)rump is still trying to STE(A)L the 2020 election from the most popula(r) presi(d)ent in American history!

Thank Allah we have Anthony Fauci on our (s)ide. 🙏🏾

Staff Writer

One of our wage slave writers contracted with NPC Daily. Repeat after me - orange man bad. Everything on this site is satire.
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