Mr. Obvious censored on YouTube for sharing U.S. census data

LGBTQIAPOC receives strike for engaging in unapproved journalism

We all knew sharing FBI crime statistics was a digital hate crime against the Black community, but sharing U.S. census data?

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Mr. Obvious has a received a strike on his YouTube channel for engaging in unauthorized use of U.S. census data.

On June 29th 2019, Mr. Obvious uploaded a video detailing a study from left-wing think tank the Brookings Institute on how less than half of children in the United States under the age of 15 are white.

While this may indeed be factually correct — and indeed it is factually correct — Mr. Obvious is not in fact an accredited journalist, which means he had no business handing these particular facts.

“Census data and other official government statistics could potentially be used to radicalize people toward the notion that there is some kind of organized effort to mass import literal retards from dangerous shithole countries with high birth rates in order to make white people a minority in the Western world,” ADL representative Carl Shvartz told NPC Daily.

“Naturally, we are all celebrating this eventual outcome. But the idea that this is happening for any reason other than climate change is a dangerous, Antisemitic conspiracy theory.”

Clearly the Brookings Institute study would have been better left on the Brookings Institute website rather than disseminated to the racist, sexist, racist, white supremacist, xenophobic basement-dwelling misogynists who make up Mr. Obvious’s core audience. The only question is why YouTube would have allowed the video to remain on their platform for two and a half years before issuing a strike.

“This speaks to a much greater problem than what we are able to handle from our end,” YouTube moderator Eugene Soysmith told NPC Daily. “Which is why I’ve taken it upon myself to forward all of Mr. Obvious’s personal information over to the FBI. Hopefully we’ve heard the last of him.”

We attempted to reach Mr. Obvious for comment, only to be informed by his next of kin that he had already been vanned. A source within the White House tells us that the Bitchute copy of the now-infamous video will soon go the way of Mr. Obvious.

“You shouldn’t have a video banned from one platform and not the others — not if you’re posting hate facts. Which is why we are partnering with the FBI to make sure Mr. Obvious never sees sunlight again.” • Confidential White House source who wishes to be known only as ‘JP’.

NPC Daily commends the FBI for their rapid response time and Jen Psaki for taking a firm stance against hate. Censorship is the only way to ensure all the right ideas survive while all the right wingers die in COVID camps.

But that’s merely the obvious.

Tina Pool

Media reporter. Twin sister to unapproved journalist Tim Pool, financée to male feminist vlogger Mx. Obvious. Everything on this site is satire.
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