Can Biden fix the economy by selling the US National Debt as an NFT?

The US National Debt is currently available as an NFT for anyone who wants to bail us out

Sources close to individuals who are familiar with Biden’s way of thinking have flirted with the idea of selling the entire US National Debt as an NFT to bail the United States out of its debt (racked up 100% by the Trump administration). This would, without a doubt, fix the economy in one swoop.

As most of us have already seen, the US National Debt is already listed on as an NFT up for purchase. Once someone buys the US National Debt NFT, they would then be responsible for the debt, thus alleviating the United States of America of such a financial burden.

The question remains, who will buy it? All it takes is for President Joe Biden to get in front of the prefab Oval Office set up and speak to the nation the following words: “Citizens of the world, the US National Debt is on the market. Who wants it?”

Currently the US National Debt (available on doesn’t have a price tag but according to, the NFT should be going for about 29 TRILLION dollars (or 7,633,565,600.00 ETH is being purchased directly with Ethereum).

If this were to happen, the US National Debt would effectively be lowered to zero, which would make Biden the greatest president to have ever served the United States.

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