Faceapp’s Latest Racist Update Is Worst Form of Systemic Racism EVER

The popular app for iPhone and Android called “Faceapp” allows users to apply a few advanced filters over their face which can illustrate how they would look older, younger, with a couple variations of smiles, and as the opposite gender. First, let’s ignore the blatantly sexist and transphobic quality of the alleged “gender swap” filter. Lets ignore the decades of systemic misogyny, the gender pay gap, rape culture, the fact that women across the nation can’t leave the house under any circumstance without the crippling fear of being sexually assaulted by white male Trump supporters. Faceapp allows people to make fun of the idea of themselves being a gender that isn’t their own. In other words, if you ever – even once – used Faceapp’s gender swap filter, you’re a hateful bigoted jerk who should apologize to the LGBT community continuously without stopping until you are forgiven.

But it doesn’t stop there. Just recently, Faceapp stooped to a new low by allowing users to appropriate the face of an ethnicity that isn’t their own. It actually gives user the ability to have a black, Asian, Indian and Caucasian filter. It’s sickening! This is cultural appropriation mixed with rape culture – it’s exactly what Trump’s America looks like.

Faceapp is the most racist, sexist, misogynistic, hateful and islamophobic app there is. It’s transphobic, bigoted and serves no purpose other than to propagate rape culture, abuse towards minorities, women and children. The system oppression of marginalized minorities stands opposed to the non-binary gender roll validation trigger warning safe space Trump hates Mexicans.

– Alex Thumupthiass

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If you use Faceapp, you’re a part of the problem. It’s unsavory that the App Store or Google Play would even allow such a hateful app. It just goes to show how much the main stream media leans to the far right. We must resist.


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