Honoring our first Black president, JFK


Not many people outside the transracial community are aware of this, but JFK was actually a proud Black man.

Which is why we at NPC Daily honor him above all others during Black History Month.

JFK and his brother MLK helped lay the groundwork for civil rights pioneers like Stacy Abrams and George Floyd to speak truth to power and fortify our elections with robust safeguards and universal mail-in voting.

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While MLK’s life was tragically cut short by the actor James Earl Jones, JFK would survive his own assassination attempt and quietly retire to a nursing home in East Texas, where he would eventually meet Elvis Presley and — in true presidential fashion — battle the undead.

Elvis and JFK prepare to confront Bubba Hotep. 2002, colorized.

JFK died defending the elderly from a telepathic cowboy mummy, and we cannot allow his heroic sacrifice to be whitewashed from history.

He is survived by the Kennedy Center and his nephew Shaun.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Please disregard any far right conspiracy theories about Democrat governors Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, and Newsom murdering tens of thousands of the elderly by introducing COVID patients into nursing homes. Clearly there are at least four more mummies on the loose, and this in itself warrants another lockdown.

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