Ron DeSantis’s war on progressive values finds a new target — Disney

Florida dictator seeks to strip Disney of right to self govern

Not content with having banned the word ‘gay’ from the entire state of Florida, far-right extremist governor Ron DeSantis has found a new way to terrorize Floridians and people who identify as Florida voters — dismantling Disney.

This most cherished institution of childhood memories is now under attack by a man who would deny his own five-year-old daughter the right to choose her gender and sexuality after having reviewed the available options in the presence of professional LGBTMAP educators.

Just as he doesn’t believe kindergartners are entitled to confidentiality when discussing their private parts with adults who are not their parents, so too is he of the opinion that Disney should not be permitted to self govern — leaving principled conservatives like Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol scratching their heads and wondering: what exactly is he conserving?

“No longer will Disney be able to maintain its own independent police force, fire department, and EPA,” explains NPC Daily contributor Bill Kristol. “Which just goes to show how much the GOP hates the environment, loves starting fires, and that it was the Republicans who have been trying to defund the police all along.”

“These are dark times we live in,” warns Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. “Putler is refusing to recognize Soviet-Era borders, and DeSantler is refusing to recognize Disney World’s borders. Clearly, the answer in both cases is military intervention.”

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