“Let’s nationalize my grandfather’s company,” suggests progressive Disney heiress

Ron DeSantis nets unexpected ally in his War on Walt Disney

Ron DeSantis’s ongoing assault on progressive family values has netted him an unexpected ally: Walt Disney’s own granddaughter.

“Capitalism is responsible for all the evils of this world,” Maoist-Leninist heiress Abigail Disney (she/her) told NPC Daily. “I came into my net worth of $120 million via my grandfather’s exploitation of the Mouse and Duck communities, and no amount of kneeling in front of Mickey behind the Slinky Dog Dash will ever set that historic grievance to right.”

Mx. Disney has been a vocal proponent of capitalism reparations and a 90% flat wealth tax, but the Republicans have been refusing to let her pay her fair share.

Mx. Disney’s proposal to DeSantis is simple:

“I think the government should nationalize my grandfather’s company and redistribute my personal wealth. Then I’ll finally be able to realize my dream of retiring to some pirate-themed nudist colony in the company of singing animals.”

Earlier this week Mx. Disney took to Twitter to complain about right-wing cancel culture and Donald J. Trump. Prior to her 17-tweet-long thread, nobody any idea who she was save for her personal finance manager, her sister Susan, and the CEO of Disney Insider.

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