OPINION: SCOTUS’s latest diversity hire should be celebrated as “BSF”

Diversity is the Supreme Court's greatest strength

There are eleven syllables in “Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson” and only five in “Black SCOTUS Femxle”.

Fewer syllables would make it easier for racial minorities to be a part of The Conversation™, and that conversation could be made even more accessible to the average Twitter leftist by simply referring to [insert appropriate pronoun] as “BSF”.

This would guarantee [insert appropriate possessive pronoun] status as a feminist political celebrity while serving as a constant reminder of the qualifications that landed BSF the appointment in the first place.

We’re out here making history, folx! Not only is BSF the first SCOTUS justice to openly reject the founding principles of our country; BSF’s progressive views on gender and behind-the-bench MAP rights activism make RGB look like a traditionalist by comparison.

BSF’s appointment should serve as a reminder to children everywhere (including those who have yet to illegally cross our our borders) that it is enough for them to simply exist — provided they are able to do so as members of multiple protected categories.

And so long as they refrain from telling their parents whenever a member of the oppressed MAP community wishes to hold private sexual conversations with them or photograph their naked bodies.

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